AG (8-02-1990 / Thomasville, Georgia)

Everytime (Freestyle Rap)

(Hook) Everytime i turn around its you i see, Everytime i turn around its you i see and everytime when i close my eyes it's you i wanna see

i aint tripping im high off of life doing me while others do things that i wouldnt necessary call a dream so i call em soft like a baby i get money like a chain flow but i aint stopping for any one i never heard of of impossible but i heard of stoppable like kim possible man i got yall thinking like blues clues but iam no tyrant if i was i would be the next david vs goliath but iam a graduate and not no dropp out never that im so spectacular like im so spectacular which means im so cool like a cool georgia breeze so yall fakes better freeze like the snowflakes you are iam t-w-a-n (twan) so honey what you wanna do you know how i be so so freaky so and come and get me hold up i better stop before i turn you on like the music on and then i turn around and do a whole another song man 09 i was in the show and 2010 i will be headlining the show and by 11 man i will own the show like a beast iam dominant at all times so imma shine like the star iam everybody know that leo's run everything so that maybe why i let my girl win or maybe thats why i win like my hook say all i wanna see is you which means you is me and that must mean its a double dose of twan or maybe the double dose of that gun whatever the weather is its best for you to bring an umbrella like rihanna say ella man you aint prepared for my terror so say hello to the bad guy and then take your last breath any last words only thing i can hear is ashes to ashes dust to dust bye bye long sleep hope i see you again (haha) but im back again with my goody/naughty girlfriend she may may be a real brat but she do good like as if she was in the hood you know what im finish T-W-A-N i win

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