Evidence Of Existence

Will these words fade as the time goes by?
Will I be welcome here after this long goodbye?

This time is ticking,
And I’m still struggling
This is too much for me to take
Sooner or later I will bend and break

If I cant tame this wild chaotic world
These words will be the only thing I can hold
If I cant adapt and cope
Let this be my only hope

Even if now has become the past
I hope these words would last
If I cant no longer be found, any time or distance
Let this incomplete cartography find my evidence of existence

by Ali Kristianto Budiman

Comments (4)

Words like these never fade, Ali. Lovely poem. Susie.
Ali I agree with David and Duncan both of them know what they are talking about. They are both very good poets. they have found a young sprouting poet and I have too, don't let any one discourage you/just let the pen do the work if you do this the pen will take over and you will become a true poet, like Dunan and David. cheers Sylvie
Amazing! A seed of something beautiful contained in something very painful.You have the poets gift of being able to really move the reader.Love Duncan
Evidence will long last for generations. This bittersweet memories we keep as evidence to the others of our existence.A very emotional poem Ali.