Evil Clone

Heaven knows who you’ve become.
Your not that sweet, and not much fun.
I can’t believe your drastic change.
You are not at all the same.
You flirt with all the pretty girls.
I’m no longer in your world.
And though my words, you do decline.
I know your not the same inside.
You left me here to cry alone.
This has to be your evil clone.
You look alike, I’ll give you that.
But it’s your heart that doesn’t match.
Your laugh is forced, your smiles fake.
But do not fear, my love won’t fade.
I know you think where only friends.
But I love you, and it’s a mess.
What happened to the guy I love?
The one who came from up above?
What happened to the guy I’d need?
The guy who’d find the best in me.
It’s like you are no longer here.
And it’s this thought that leaves me scared.
I know your somewhere deep inside.
I wonder why you chose to hide.
I love you more than life itself.
I’m always here if you need help.
My love for you won’t go away.
I know you’ll make it through this change.
I wrote this poem, it’s just for you.
I’ll be right here when you pull through.

by Concetta Neville

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I've seen this evil clone in my first love, amazingly how he seems to move around. Good write 10+++