Evil & Good11

What is your definition of evil and wrong as of general in reality
When everything could be explained by reason and logic in totality
In a world governed by a system of Rules and Law we choose to believe
Even though the truth is being denied and we are somehow being deceive
If people choose to fight for their own opinion lies are often told
Men who saw wrongdoings and hope to bring change which is bold
For how could we condemn evil without condemning the lies
Lies made by those we trust and follow having religious ties
Evil had revealed so much in terms of our weakness and strength
It brought us to this level of understanding at a certain length
For evil will always be the force which will manifest all the good
In a world consumed by materialism exploiting others as they could
The evil that brought down the Twin Towers had brought change and reform
In a country divided by by hate, prejudice or inequality at a certain form
The evil of World War One and Two had brought in technology or justice
To a grieving son who made our lives even better in the life we practice
For evil and wickedness is the cry of justice to many of our own people
When those in power have neglected those down below for example
Evil is repeatedly done as a reminder to all of being vigilant and aware
For when evil choose to strike we sometimes have no time to prepare
In every evil made there is a justifiable reason behind those who commit the acts
Desperation to a certain point where our own morality is clouded by certain facts
Evil and wrongdoings were made to challenge the existence of the good or right
For life is a constant struggle and battle which we had chosen to face or fight
The story between Good and Evil will continue to prevail for all eternity
For without the presence of evil the Good or Right would lose its authority
The fear of falling victim to evil made us all expect and be ready
As we avoid the hour and places so we could remain to be steady
Reflecting on those times which I myself had stolen out of desperation
When I had no other choice to fulfill my desires for my own satisfaction
In a society where no job could possibly augment my lifestyle
Made me understand those thief on the streets of why such method or way
In an economy which could not adequately provide an enough wage or pay
Since it is their own leaders who leads in the injustices being made or done
So they had chosen to do the wrong like their officials when morality is gone
Remember that we Olympians do such evil in order to shed the light of truth
So whatever happens next might someday bear a significant amount of fruit


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