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Evil Harps
(17th November 1987 / Kenya)

Evil Harps

Poem By Hannington Mumo

Your love for song is all over known,
All fair boys lure you with the melody
Of their ill-tuned harps, and tone
Their ill-meant motives of the body
With deceptive tunes that easily tempt.

But I think there's much you can learn
From the didactic lyrics of maturer harps
That pipe the theme of beauty's sun
That only rises because it intends to set.

Some other harps do speak of the cruelty
That cheeky girls inflict on besotted boys
Who seek to give meaning to their bloom
But instead play with them like toddling toys.

Your untouched sun rises while mine sets
And I do not intend to rewind the clocks
To look behind where my shadow lies,
And seduce my junior sister with lewd talks.

A true sage I was born and I intend to remain
The reliable harp that dispenses rare wisdom
To young lasses who listen to the wrong harps,
That they may use their love for song for great learning
And like the back of their hands know song's evil traps.

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