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Evil Inside
AOD (May 23,1992 / North Carolina)

Evil Inside

Poem By Angel of Darkness

It was born not long ago,
i was just a kid i didn't know
when my mom and dad fell apart.
It grew inside of me, deep inside my heart.
like a seed it grew with time.
it changed me and the way i look at life.
it dwells deep within,
it binds my feelings and comits my sins.
it lets me choose wrong over right.
and when it does i feel good inside.
it is something you can't explain.
it creates rage, and takes away pain.
it hides your feelings so you don't cry.
it makes you fearless so your not scared to die.
the evil within me has capture my soul.
it is not me i am no longer whole.

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Comments (2)

I understand exactly what u mean, u write the truth.Keep writing girl.Laters. Peace, Alan
Angel, You've bought into parental issues that are not yours. Under layered onion skins lay goodness...start peeling. Peace, Ray