Evil's Place

There is a place where evil dwells,
It’s neither in heaven, nor in hell.

It’s in the minds of poor lost souls,
Those whose bodies have grown tattered, worn, and cold
When all their lives they’ve known nothing but abuse,
They consider their lives to have little or no use

Tired and weary, they give up on life
Cutting a path of destruction, like and old jagged knife
The voices they hear locked away in there minds,
Pushing them further and further over the line

Like a thief in the night, he takes a life
A father, a son, a daughter, or even a wife
It matters not to him, for a life, is a life

Like a little child he plays a game,
The rage in his mind has no name.
The smell of death is all he craves,
A mental picture is all he saves.

So beware in all the things you do,
Lest evil might come looking for you, , ,

by Poison 9901

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Thank you for commenting on my poem and saying such nice things. Your poem is very powerful and it speaks the truth. I admire poets who can rhyme, makes the language even more effective. Thank you for this poem. Keep writing :)