MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

Evil’s Root (1)

Evil is like a bad disease
Affecting heart and soul
Bringing its victim to their knees
It robs them of their goal

Some seek in depth the devil’s course
We seek where shame begins
We search the world; it’s evil source
The root of all our sins

Genetics; is our prime excuse
Creation’s sad mistake
When parent’s drink, their drug abuse!
But not commands; we break

We’ve always someone else to blame
Remorse, is less than rare
Some shrink inside in fear of shame
Yet most don’t even care

Evil conceived, finds death; it’s dawn
Rebellion waxes wild
Satanic brood, the devil’s spawn
The noose for man and child

The beast, forever on the prowl
Brings death to those yet blind
Like flies upon some meat gone foul
A tumour to the mind

Attractive; as it often seems
Seductive to the core
It taunts us in our very dreams
Yet still we crave for more

But evil is the devil’s gain
Man’s choice to disobey
Where Satan is allowed to reign
God’s children fall and stray…PTO

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