MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

Evil’s Root (3)

Evil’s decline won’t come with ease
With cunning, Satan fights
God’s troops, he’ll try to coax and tease
And tempt them from their heights

To play with evil’s more than dumb
Such fools will quickly fail
God’s judgement then that’s bound to come
Will see them lost in jail

All murder, rape and suicide
Are evil through and through
Now who can cross the great divide?
With such a sinful view

Who can sum or ever measure?
What sin there’s on the loose?
No degree of wayward pleasure
Can warrant evil’s use

We need God’s Flame in heart and soul
We need The Morning Dew
We need true faith to make us whole
And Satan knows it too

With darts of lust, with gnawing doubt
He’ll tempt with sheer deceit
He’ll sweet-talk many children out
He’ll try to sift like wheat

He’s here to pillage, steal and kill
With sin, to lead astray
But Jesus Wind blows where He will
No force can keep away

No darkness can withstand the Light
Of those with Jesus’ peace
It’s with God’s Spirit, not by might
We’ll see all evil cease…

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