DS (August 4 / Florida)

. Evil Wears A Shock Collar

The animal growls menacingly
Continually lunging
Behind the invisible barrier
At my frightened
And blind chocolate lab

Hurrying to pack
This trips memory
I shiver in a
Ninety degree drive

Twenty hours round trip
Every other week
Living out of suitcases
Leaves me feeling disordered

I.N.T.J.s are seldom
Good captives…
The exception,
I am not

Reading to pass the time...
I am struck by:
“Never shall I forget those moments
that murdered my God
and my soul and turned my dreams into ashes.”

I think of the neighbor
Who electrifies
His yard to keep in
A rottweiler

And shoots at
Nutrias with a bb gun
For entertainment

And then, I understand
A bit better
Wiesel’s “Night”*

~ May 31,2006
Somewhere in the Smokies

www.abovegroundtesting.com July 2006

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Comments (3)

Strong poem Debora, It is true Evil wears a shock collar. I think also it is around us and we just have to be aware and stay away. Take care. Excellent poem.
Excellent, Debora. I'd say footnotes can function well but in this case are unnecessary. There is a consistency of tone and use of language, aspects of craft and intellect at work here. I intend to read more of your work because this is the first time I have caught any and came in because of the title. A lot of writers would have written a lazy piece with a title like that (believe me) but you wrote something arresting.
This is a very moving and incredible piece. That you wrote it and introduced us to the Elie Wiesel make this all ther more satisfying. I wonder should you have left that footnote in. I am one of those who thinks: ' To hell with the lazy reader if they cannot be bothered to find the reference for themselve. a very well thought out piece.