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Evilness Prevails
DT (08-04-1964 / Louisville, KY.)

Evilness Prevails

Poem By Dave Tendell

Tonight, dark gloomy clouds drift…past a shinning full moon,
Where dead leafless tree branches sprawl…and suddenly swoon
A cold breeze is at hand…throughout the unsettled air.
I must wonder, is this reality…or just one more nightmare.

On this unsettled night… dark evil creatures are allowed to run free
I fearfully tremble…as I worry one of them may suddenly grab a hold of me.
They haunt in the form of ghost, demons or even dismembered heads.
Surely…they must sleep in coffins instead of in comfortable beds.

Oh…like death’s rattle, I hear little knocks upon my door.
As I get up…I tremble as I can’t bare the fear anymore.
At the door, I am confronted with a dilemma I must surely meet.
I can experience a night full of trickery or pay with a sweet.

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