the Higher Spirit
so loves
the human race
a whole world
is created
for its evolution

the birds
they are
to tune up human's
mind and soul
and the challening
riddle to conquer sky

the crickets
they are to
share with humans
the subtleties of

the dogs
they are to exhibit
how love sews
trust and loyalty

the fish
that the sea
is full of adventures
gills, fins,
scales and all

the cat
how to strut
with pride,
though the physique
is small
a far cry from
the powerfl tiger

the parrots
how to micmic
and play to the tune
of another species

take all
these creatures away
and man would evolve
into nothing more than
these animals

by john tiong chunghoo

Comments (1)

Good poem. I think we have a lot to learn just from the animals.