MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

Evolutional Hogwash

Look at your body, every part
Think how it came to be
One's ears, kidneys, one's nose, tongue, heart
One's intricate eyes, to see

Each, with a specific function
Exceptional unique
Combined through a complex junction
Clouded in grand mystique

Foolhardy is evolution
Mankind must understand
Could time, be a real solution
If God were not at hand

For time itself, first came to be
With moon, with sun's first dawn
Existing both, by God's decree
Before earth's life was born

The seas, rivers, flora, grass, trees
Each fish, beast, reptile, bird
Creatures tall, small, flies, bugs and bees
Came through God's living Word

Though man tries ever consistent
To see how life began
Living truths, remain persistent
Life's King! Created man

Even Satan, who would deceive
All things came to evolve
Whatever fools choose to believe
Evolution, can't resolve

God's Spirit alone, makes one wise
Believing Christ, God's Son
By opening, blind lost soul's eyes
The Truth of Heaven's won.....

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