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Evolutionary Chart
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Evolutionary Chart

The figures are evenly spaced like a police line-up,
unaware they will indeed be on trial
as they trudge towards a brighter tomorrow.
The first figure is hunched over,
fierce and afraid,
carrying a spear or a crucifix.
The final figure has
perfect posture and body weight,
He is carrying an umbrella
or a Wall Street Journal,
and has a modeling contract with Speedo.

“Neanderthal” is used as an epithet sometimes.
But it can be comforting
to remain hunched over,
to avert one’s eyes from the light,
to block out the cold indifferences
of science,
to glide through days in a medieval fog
and devolve backwards
tumbling down the stairs
to let oneself believe
that a white candy heaven awaits,
that all questions have simple answers,
that the heart is the guide
and it can never be wrong.

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Comments (3)

Wonderful poem/comment. There is a great short-short animation showing the evolution in progress, with man walking, getting straighter and straighter, and future man actually walking with an increasing backwards tilt. Well, I guess you had to see it ; -) p.s. I have a poorly received evolutionary poem as well ('an eye for and eye') . But it was written back when I was first evolving as a poet. ugh.
And on the other hand, how comforted can the guy with the Wall Street Journal and unmbrella be when he considers his modeling contract may one day soon expire and he has no white candy heaven to count on? I really like this one. Good strong images. Raynette
A very clever poem, I really enjoyed it!