Evolutionary Reincarnation

Poem By Velmar Pewee Hale Johnson

One day a ladybug, and a cockroach were happily on their way,
when they happened to meet each other on that warm, spring day.
The cockroach asked the ladybug, 'just who might you have been? '
The ladybug replied, 'I was a noble lady, a loving mother, and a queen.'
The ladybug asked the cockroach, 'who might you have been in your other life? '
Said the cockroach to the ladybug, with an evil look in her eyes,
'I was a social worker, and a cop's wife! '
The ladybug laughed, and said, 'we are not much different then we use to be,
see over there is a tax collector, now he is a flea.'

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