A Poem A Day.

I try to write one poem each day,
I never know what I will say.
Be it love for natures blossoms,
Perhaps, a tale about some possums.
Will it touch a chord in your heart?
Encourage you to make a new start!
It may be sad it may be funny
But I will not sell it not for money.
I might write about the Zoo,
Or even something not quite true.
Fantasy is with me a big plus,
No big deal to make a fuss.
My poem may even make you smile,
Then my writing it will have been worthwhile.
It could be a poem that is quite sad.
Would that be so really bad?
Yes I try to write a poem every day,
Hoping it will help you on your way.

by Bernard Shaw

Comments (3)

I wonder why, given the perfect creature as you describe, nature felt it could do better.
Wonder what people hundreds of years in the future will thing of things they find from our civilization? This poem is really thought provoking...and all too true. Raynette
Tiktaalik roseae? You bring an acerbic insight as always Michael. Thoughtful and thought provoking. Thank you.