Evolving Thoughts

Maybe it's because we're so obsessed with property,
real estate, that we assume
this 375-million-year-old fossil yearned
to make it from the sea to golden sands
and further earthly joys? That's assuming
that it thought like Darwin anyway?

Maybe a refugee from
the Garden of Eden
who thought seaside holidays
were more fun?

Maybe it just tired of pursuing fast food
which it could never catch on land
with those pathetic flippers, and
reckoned there was more food out there
that might swim into Mr BIgmouth!

Remember, even you got tired
of watching Baywatch on a hot
summer's day, when the
surf's up? And did you notice
that fossil's built
like a surfboard?

No contest.

by Michael Shepherd

Comments (3)

I wonder why, given the perfect creature as you describe, nature felt it could do better.
Wonder what people hundreds of years in the future will thing of things they find from our civilization? This poem is really thought provoking...and all too true. Raynette
Tiktaalik roseae? You bring an acerbic insight as always Michael. Thoughtful and thought provoking. Thank you.