Poem By Elaine Brown

Many years ago you took me for your bride
And we swore that forever we would be at each others side
And out of that union came 2 beautiful boys
Who brought to our family, an abundance of joy

We united to be the best parents we could be
Teaching and sharing and loving and free
To be there, when they needed us
to soften their falls,
To coach them, to love them
Whenever they called.

Now the years have gone by and the children have grown
Independent and stable to start lives of their own
And we find ourselves here face to face in our home
And find that for the first time we both feel alone
That love that we had for each other has flown
And here we stand face to face, yet alone

What happened to US,
When did you realize you needed a new face
To come into your life and have me replaced

Do you know it is 2 years since you’ve gone
The devastation I felt when you left me alone
I thought my life was over, became almost insane
Not realizing that God had plans to let me live my life again

I cannot believe that now I am so blessed
To be ME, the REAL ME, showing the world my best
Look at me now, living life to the fullest
Constantly evolving, embracing life’s riches

You have done me a favour leaving me
For I can honestly say, I am now the best I can be
Life is to be lived, not just exist
I am even ready to take on life’s risks
Feeling liberated, empowered, content and happy
You did me a favour, when you left for another

I can’t wait to see what the second half of my life will bring
I only know I have flown like a bird, always ready to sing

Elaine M. Brown
March 9,2005

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