Ex Bezzie M8z! !

For one time only I'll let go of my pride,
And tell you how I felt,
I loved you to bits as my best mate,
But wen we fell out it hurt like a punch at full pelt.

I was the girl with no feelings,
Everyone thought I was hard,
But with you I showed I cared I stuck up for you,
Even when people said you were lame and a retard.

I thought we'd be mates forever,
We were a team you see,
we were so close,
If people messed with you it ment messin' with me,

Then things changed,

You started to lie and people already thought you were sad,
I risked my rep for you when I was smokin' behind the shed,
'Cos I kept sayin' you were fun and ravin' mad.

I stopped everyone pickin' on you,
Picked you over my other mates with out fail,
But when I was upset,
You turned round and had to bail.

I still think you're the biggest b*tch goin',
But I wont lie sometimes I miss you bein' my friend,
But then I realise,
You're a lie you're fake and pretend.

Now I know I aint perfect,
And I never will be,
But at least who I'm mates with is down to me.

by Becky Ginn

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