Ex Convict

Declared acquitted
To taste freedom after twenty years
Only to arrive to party with the departed
The ex convict barely bear
Nothing he was out of jail
But still had in him the chains
Still feel the guilt the sail
And other inmate some guiltless claim
Sleepless night contaminated air
Years of agonizing suffering
From the first moment first day was unfair
Freedom came he never saw it coming
Now and even more had to bear
Tedious to compare with prison pain
Less worthy of trust less of care
Prison aid more convenient to the brain
Sharing love was simple
Prison life garbage prison home
The language which the brothers gave
Those brothers beloved and brave
More worthy than prison slaves
Prison celebration prison respect
Brothers from the first day of twenty years
Nothing outside prison was perfect
Tears were necked and fears
Life outside was prison grave
He return to find his siblings were adults
His mother stood there face wet with tears
Bowed with years waiting alone father was gone
All were vain glory standing against him
The party meant for him wasn't enough
What a life prison change

by George Egba

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