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TE (October 2 1991 / Lancaster, PA)


Poem By Toynia Edmond

I keep letting you back in.

I let you knock down the walls
I created to keep you away.

I keep getting lost in your kiss.

I believe in your words of nothing
as if they were a dream coming true.

I keep forgiving and forgetting.

I get so lonely and your touch fills
a foid even for a few hours

Why have you gotten the most
chances out of everyone?

Why does it feel so right when you hold me?

Why do you keep throwing my
heart in the dirt as if it were a sport?

I been through worse but,
what you've done to me hurts so much more.

You didn't just take my heart,
you took my soul.

Now with every boy I encounter they hath to be
at an arm's length.

Because of you,
even when I'm with someone I still feel alone.

Because of you,
I don't even believe in love for me.

Because of you,
I hath to be content with the fact that I'll be alone forever.

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