Ex Machina

When love was a question, the message arrived
in the beak of a wire and plaster bird. The coloratura
was hardly to be believed. For flight,

by Linda Gregerson Click to read full poem

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I thought it may have at least referenced something similar to Dues Ex Machina, but apparently that is not the purpose of the poem...
The heroine dies of tuberculosis after all. What a nice line. The best part of the poem to be sure. It made me laugh and brightened my day. I cant make sense of the rest of the poem, but that line is beautifully realistic and ironic. Definitely needs some clarity to the idea. Overall I would not consider it good.
what doesn't make sense. spur of the moment decisions play out. remembrance. relations. life goes on.
celebration's assembled voice, good write, thanks I request you to read my poems and comment Especially 'family members' and vote Link-www.poemhunter.com/contest-vote/family-members/
I love how every sentence seems to go down different turn’s ad avenues and I am never sure what way she is going to go. This could mean anything and its interpretation can be whatever the reader can see, it reminds me of Atwood but even more demented. It’s all in the title, as anyone knows it was conventional for Greek plays to have a supernatural being come in and act as a device to resolve the plot of stories, in other words contrived endings, for me this seems to be about the contrivances of relations but then that just one view point. Whatever it is Its beautifully composed
Darkness p[ermeates everthing today, and then it is called Arte
Darkness invades everthing today and then it is called arte
With all due respect, Nothing of this, did I get. Sorry
Talk about what should be perfect ends up being tortuous labor, a mess, but not giving up because of imperfections, concurring and enjoying the fruits of labor. i think.