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Exam Stress

What's this convulsion all around my neck?
I've bitten all my nails like a nervous wreck!
Hormones are flying from all of glands
Thinking my entire future lay right here in my hands.

My heartbeat is towering, im breathing so fast,
Im still wondering how long these fellings will last!
All these negative thoughts are rising to my head
How i really wish i was dead instead!

Relaxing is the key many people told me,
But i never realised how hard it would be.
So all i can do now is hope and pray
That when i enter my exam these feelings will go away!

If those thoughts remain fixed in my head,
I would certainly fail my mother always said!
So i'm trying to think of things which are more cheerful,
But i'm unable to forget the thoughts that are truly fearful!

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very well-written, Sujan. i know this feeling all too well. but how good does it feel when it's all over? keep writing, Sus.