Point Of View From A Rest Stop

Poem By Colin Pickett

501 Adjudge a man to do an act trying his virtue,
pursuit of wealth and pleasure, and the fear of his life.
502.Confide in a person of noble descent, faultless worth
and modest to commit sins.
503.Pondering deep, it’s rare to see learned and the fault free
without having some folly.
504.Assess one’s virtues and vices; whichever exceeds
identifies him to choose.
505.By our deeds which make the touchstone,
Our greatness and meanness are shone.
506.Don’t trust those who have no kin.
Having no bonds with others, they have no fear of sin.
507.If love is not their base to know the things of need,
don’t believe them as all ills of folly are theirs.
508.Trusting an untried stranger brings woes not‘lone to himself
but also to his posterity.
509.Examine a man before you trust him.
Assign him duties which suit his talents best.
510.To trust one without scrutiny and to doubt a confidant
will inflict unhealing wounds.

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