A (04.02.1988 / Kerala)

Exappreciation In My New Life

I gone, and i know you feel alone
I tried but now my patience is outgrown
And you're convinced this pain wont leave
Just listen to me, you r so damn naive

You're suffering, and I can see the hurt
But that's no excuse to treat me like dirt
All I wanted was to help you through
You pushed me away, I got the clue

Unappreciated is how I feel
Pain you caused I conceal
You took my love for granted
Our tale disenchanted

I reached out only to fall
Lie to me, another ignored call
I tried to be there, now I'm tired
Not getting appreciation I desired

Lately it hasn't been the same
This time you're the one to blame
Look right through me, now hollow
Why do I have to carry every time sorrows?

I didn't cause this, yet I'm the one to pay
Your mood brings me down, it all fades me
What should I do when my heart screams stop? ?
Because I'm tired of being used as your doll..

I know how you feel, dont you remeber?
The same happenings to me in this two years
I really dont know how much more I can take
Before the pain splits me in two, I'll break

Don't know how much more I can take
Guess this whole love was a fake..

Cause lately Ive been feeling really unappreciated...
I just Fed up of my life..

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