(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

Exceedingly High Mountain

Sitting on it,
Exceedingly high mountain!
Enjoying the views around and afar off.

The muse of sweet love,
The magnificence of your love,
By the seal!
As seen afar,
With the muse of your view.

This great height!
To see this great height,
With the muse of the truth.

The waters of love,
The fragrance of life,
The romance of nature,
Flowing softly;
To satisfy your muse.

By the way of the sea;
With the aroma of the joy of romance!
Upon the light of the truth.

Let the truth bring joy to your heart,
By the sea,
Walking along,
Like a fisherman casting his net into the deep blue sea.

Blues! !
By the way of the sea,
With the blues of true love;
Seeing you up high!
Exceedingly high mountain;
Attractive trait,
With the lovely views around you.

Only to your attractive trait;
Honour and honesty,
With the works of the truth.

Beautiful Red Rose!
Beautiful and attractive;
Oh riders of White She-Donkeys! !
Do not forget my love;
Oh riders of Black He-Donkeys! !
This garden of love is well watered everywhere!
A special treasure,
Sleeping under the great tree of love.

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