Exceptional Spirit

As I walk with my head held high,
I can hear the people sigh,
In this moment I am royalty and beauty personified.

Emitting positive energy, I vibrate,
I resonate, I am not prostrate.
I know no one can bring me down,
or turn my day sour,
unless I willingly or unwittingly
relinquish my power.

My hair is not by any means straight,
my eyes are not light,
no fair skin will you see on me and
as I look in the mirror I think,
“that’s alright”.

For those with a more profound insight
know it’s the attitude, the spirit and the mind
where beauty resides.
With superficial tendencies you focus on
the eyes, hair or body size.

Lord, I thank you for blessing me with an
exceptional spirit,
a soul fed by my ancestors’ strength and wit.
A sound mind with the wisdom to see
that outward beauty is only momentary,
it’s the inward beauty that is everlasting.

by Cassandra Boyd

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Super poem, love the attitude!