AG (8-02-1990 / Thomasville, Georgia)

(exclusive Freestyle) Dreams/Reality

Ay yeah im still having dreams like dr.king cause i wont let myself dropp to the bottom without light of hope it's nothing but diasters can't do nothing but dream when they gonna set my people free even though they still continue to depress us like lost souls in a valley but i shall fear no evil and let their mouth be closed but i still got a voice like a tiger or better yet a voice like a lion um and my words are still pretty great so im not a tyrant and never could be but yet i overcome adversity so tell congress i dont give **** and i said tell congress i dont give a **** cause you cant take music from people cause if you haven't heard west he said he getting stronger so i must believe that without any doubt cause i know jesus laid on that cross and paid my soul, your soul, the world soul at an ultimate cost of life but anyway im like a spartan with a soul of 300 and im marching like 300 and got the strength 10 hundred but at the end its just ambition and the fight for hope and diginity
Peace love.twan

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