Exclusively Elitist

How can anyone today say,
They are against socialism.
When there are socialites pledging their allegiance,
To a democracy devoted to a materialism.
Fed to feed those exclusively elitist.
Isolated doing this,
By a division and bigotry to feed their own needs.
Portraying themselves as humanitarians.
While religiously worshipping their hypocrisies.
Thriving on deceptions and lies they wished believed.

How can they say,
A country that claims to be 'united'.
With this declared in its name.
To proclaim...'United We stand; Divided We Fall'.
And not mention a country built,
On the backs of Blacks, Brown and White.
Done to do this and not overnight.
Yet warns of a diversity shown socialized,
Will be this country's downfall.

Is this the 'socialism',
They prefer to not have mentioned?
Is this the socialism,
Feared to end their greed.
A greed that ignores,
Those homeless and hungry.
Suffering injustices and shown disparities.

Elitists wish to leave behind,
Lies to deceive...
Those homeless who are hungry.
And, elitists wish to leave behind,
The truth.
With a hoodwink to dupe it.
Elitists wish to leave behind,
Conflict and confusion.
To create revolution.
Elitists wish to leave behind,
To control and rule.
With elitists to be left,
Exclusively to do what they please.
Socially as others bleed.
Elitists wish to feast behind,
Locked doors to this socially.

Those exclusively elitist,
Have welcomed their own defeat.
Those exclusively elitist,
Have dug a hole to dig it deep.
Those exclusively elitist,
Are faithfully blind and asleep.
In a worshipping that brings them defeat.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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