Excrementitiously Packed

Can an offensive statement
Purposely said...
Heard and digested
Be excused?
Then taken back...
Elating those with equal lack of tact!
As if not stated,
To distort without fact?
Because one 'adorned' in position,
Believes they've been commissioned
To address with a 'throned' mission
To disperse a 'godly' reason to attack!

Excrementitiously packed...
That's where people like this need to be,
Tossed and shacked!
And ceremoniously sacked like the manure,
And other crap...
To infest with other beliefs,
They have climbed to 'elected' power
To breed upon those who grieve!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

Deliciously written. Quite an impact. Would be nice to read out loud.