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We prayed
by the river
and sat
in the generous sunlight.

We donated our tears
to the lonely streets
and the ancient fears
of a desperate youth.

We kissed by the pavilion
of sacred dreams,
we embraced
by the dead-end street
where we stood face to face.

I told her I would build
a tree house
where her future children
could gather for tea
and study the mystery
of the leaves.

I failed
at every concept
and blueprint
for happiness
but was content,
with the sway of her music
and her delicate eyes.

I appreciate
the dawn birds
and the evening breeze;
most of my life
has been an excuse
to apologize
for selfishness.

There remains
so many needs
never to be met
but the grave
that awaits
will help me forget

who I am
and wished I was not.

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