CS (January 1,1972 / Toronto, Ontario)


Like a naive fool, I chose to believe
...that your word meant something & you'd never leave

So THIS fool-in-love gave her heart for a chance
...and you called me your partner in this passionate dance

But you gotta agree, that it is you, whose to blame
...cuz i'm not the one who played you like a game

Now 'Man up' and tell me, what did I do?
...to justify such unforgivable treatment from you

You used my body, my heart soul and mind
...but a more loving woman, you'll never find

You tossed me aside but what you cannot see
..is i'm mending the pieces that you left of me

I hope there's a day when you look back in regret
...as for me, I'll be wishing, that we'd never met

for the one I thought was my Knight

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This is your first (and so far the only) poem that I have read, and I must say that I am quite impressed. Each of the seven couplets is an outpouring of your heart. No doubt that you were badly hurt, particularly the last couplet says so, but yet you are subdued and decent in your expression. That's what I liked the most about this poem. The title of the poem is great, 'Excused'! You have neither used the word in the poem, nor said in the poem that you have excused him. Was the title an after thought?
Love EXcUSED been there. Keep up the great woork give it a 10.