Love Breakup

The last time my lips had a smile,
It has been a long a while.
My heart bleed,
In depression I feel to take weed.
Before my friends I don't frown,
Inside me, in tears I drown.
Trying to control myself,
My pain is know to my bed and shelf.
It has been long time since we met,
My life darkened when u left.
Whenever I am drinking tea,
Ur memories haunt me.
The memories we had,
The support u gave me when I was sad.
Missing everything,
To forget u, I wont drink.
Alcohol is injurious to health,
Love destroys all Ur wealth.
Now I am going to stand up and fight,
Ready to achieve to my fullest potential,
With all my might.
But I need time to begin my game,
To heal myself as now I feel lame.
No more can I continue this,
Remembering our first kiss.

by hariharan prakash

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I know. I wrote so much one day about having writers block I got writers cramp. Rusty
Me too, my muse left with my cat. Damned animals...
...can I join in because I've just watched my muse jump out of the window and hop over a fence? I love this Chrissie
I wrote my limericks tonight as a medical antidote. Thanks for visiting. We need to have a limerick contest, you and I. The winner gets to throw wombat droppings to get square and even. H