Excusing Accountability

Desperate to deceive with commitments made,
Are those who choose to be adversaries.
The ones who will do and say anything...
Just to get their way.
No matter how the doing is done,
Or who may be betrayed.

Usually these folks are the ones who feel privileged.
And demean with dirty deeds.
Developing such skills on college campuses...
Where the learn to lie and cheat.
With advancing techiques apply such 'thrills'.

Pledge they do to protect themselves,
As members of selective and private...
Separatist societies.
And keeping their loyalities to one another...
After receiving questionable 'earned' degrees!

~Why do you want to lay blame on 'kids'
Out to have some fun? ~

'Those same 'kids' graduate...
Some stunned to be labelled adults.
And excusing accountability,
With irresponsibility successfully achieved...
And unfortunately done.

Observe your elected leadership.
Who seem to solicit atrocities...
They prefer to leave as if there are none.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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