Execute Me

Sitting here waiting for my hour to come,
I’ve never felt more alone,
There’s so many things I want to say,
Yet I cannot speak,
I feel so weak,
There’s nothing left to do,
I’ve got no choice but to see this through,
I’m being forced to give up my life,
For a crime I did not commit,
This isn’t justice,
And I will not admit,
For I have done no wrong,
They’re going to kill an innocent person,
I have denied it all along,
Yet they would not listen to my plea,
They still believe it was me,
As I sit in the death house and wait,
Condemned to this,
My unfortunate fate,
I am doomed tonight,
In the chair I will die,
They’re going to electrocute me,
But I refuse to show any fear,
Even when the end is so near,
I wont let them see me cry,
Even though I’m shaking inside,
I’m going to face the executioner with bravery,
I wont be a hero, I’ll just be me,
And as I face death,
Then maybe I can be free,
Free from my cell,
Free from this hell,
Free from their lies,
Free from all the pain inside,
And as I enter the chamber,
I’ll look them in the eye,
Tell them I’m going somewhere way up high,
I’ll sit in the chair,
I wont show them I’m scared,
So they can execute me,
But once I’m dead they’ll see,
That I was innocent

by Jade Baker

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