Executive Gar'barge

Executive has been the gar'barge.
Docked to have it dumped on the people.
Regardless where they live.
Or who they are on shores near and far.
Getting too familiar with the stench.
Getting too familiar and convinced,
Their lives to stink up...
Will for them make sense.

Executive has been the gar'barge.
Toted by yachts and boarded,
By those rich and elite.
Deceiving their intentions to defeat them.
With promises to stop the rot but drop it.
To decay...
Signs of progress and advancements made.
To decay...
Freedoms, diversity and this to see.
And to decay...
Anyone with hopes and dreams to believe,
Equality to realize...
Will also leave behind,
Disparities, injustices and their mental grief.

Executive has been the gar'barge.
Decorated in delusions and delivered fantasies.
Gift wrapped in stench.
But the people familiar with nonsense believe,
Whatever they receive...
Dressed to impress and masquerade,
Is done just for them to prove...
There are other ways,
For a quality of life to expect.
If people accept,
Charading it to do and at their best...
To ignore the mess of the reality.
And they do to find truth offensive.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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