(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)


To the lady who gave birth and,
To the man who was responsible;
Muse, use, fuse;
With the muse of love in the land of peace.

Ser, conserve!
Age, haulage, charge, cage, page, stage;
Sent, resilient!
Outlined with the muse of the land;
Rest, resilient!
Obeserved with love;
And, with the muse of the two in question.

Lent, resilient!
table, adaptable!
With modalities;
Fields, yields!
And, with standards;
In the land of the living.

Preserve, conserve!
Reserve, conserve!
To bolster confidence;
because, we came from somewhere!
From parents,
And, everybody has a contact on this earth.

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