Exercise More

Mistakes made should make,
One's wish to move forward.
And admit to have faced,
To remember and not replace...
With excuses to prove,
Using them erases...
What's been done to do.

Lessons to learn,
To refuse them to understand.
Don't go away to not return.
And the ones that do,
Demand and get...
Undivided attention.
Until comprehension,
Is understood not to forget.

Minds finding to waste time,
Discover procrastination ages.
And when those days come,
To stack attached...
Upon one's back.
Difficult it is to pretend then
That what aches to pain,
Are those memories remaining...
Of not learning that lesson,
To do what one has to do...
Even if disliked.
Since it just might...
Be the one thing to like.
At an age too old,
With a kept youthful mind.
But the body,
No longer can afford...
To explore the heat,
Of those activities anyone!

'I remember being told,
To exercise more...
On a daily basis.
To keep my mind and body fit.'

-How long ago were you told,
This? -

'Before I became addicted,
To my own ignorance.
And medications prescribed,
By my doctor monthly...
Who seems happy to see me,
To know I am insured.
And payment he will get,
Each time I visit.-

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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