Are you sure, maintain your human frustrations? Global Voices has each launched in the swell of your weaknesses conceived. I find them a humble praise the impossible dreams, envy, see Ecstasy North Pole light penetrate my body, planting the island of beauty in the heart of an iceberg, touch the white scarf of a shooting star, which since its last passage she took my wishesI hope the review soon and I expect, but to the countries of the Indian summer has a habit see fall them all day. have you felt? the precipitation roll on the red tile from rain water and then explodes in hyphenation on a rose, she hatched from fainting looks bitter glory. What makes me perennial and distracted this time of the flight of the dropp a scroll of birth up to the breakdown of the screechy cries of each God's creation. This land of the slight benefit that drains the meaning of beautiful abstract color on my soft chest. the bedside of the beaches or the dissolved sea stars and these fragrances drum expiring waves of souls lost on the beach

by AID Abdelhakim

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