From the high cost of living,
Charity giving and donated sweat.
Let's you and me,
Set aside some time so we...
Can get busy!

From daily fears warned,
And people torned
Between what's right and wrong.
Let's you and me,
Cast aside those trivialities.
Getting butt naked...
And doing as we please,
Getting busy!

From creditors who call,
To arrange bill payments!

The neighbors barking dogs,
And arguments not making sense.

Let's pretend we have none at all,
And get busy after dating for lunch...
Easing these tensions,
With the headboard banging against the wall.
Busy like rabbits and making catcalls.

Are you exhausted,
By those images I recall?
Me too!
And I am so glad you didn't dare me,
Like your eyes were wishing for those days
Like I do!
We both know we're too...
Busy to get naughty,
Like we did before age 40.

When we come to that line we'll cross it.
Next time!
But right now we're both much too exhausted!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

Energies wasted on the trivial X rated we cannot be Haste I dont think I can do it Answers are not wanted Use what we have to try Such a lot to worry about Throw it away with the trash Emotions are in need of a kick start Dont talk now I'm exhausted.... Alison
what a tonic! ...love it because I relate...a well observed poem...regards linda.