Exhausting Promises Meant To Keep

Is there anyone who lives,
Without expressing some regret?
Something done one wishes to forget?
Perhaps making a remark,
That was left to spark an animosity.
One even forgiveness given,
The mind can not leave alone.
Or remove completely,
From our doorsteps.
To find us inside comforted in total rest.

Is there anyone who lives,
Without expressing some remorse?
A wish a decision made had taken another course?
Like a marriage that ends in divorce?
Or a relationship desired...
That has not replaced,
The emotional investment paid for the cost...
Of a loss reviewed as time spent and wasted.

And memories kept have a way of replaying,
Every detail of each moment embossed with highlights!
Exhausting promises meant to keep,
To be freed of indecision.
When someone else one meets,
Finds us against our wishes...
As the repeating of the same steps,
Creep to leak unresolved issues.

Saying once again...
To a valued peace of mind.
That if that 'next' time should come...
By then,
Will have overcomed and corrected an oversight!

Another flaw neglected,
Has a way of surfacing.
To be heard from departing lips...
In daydreams wished to once lick with kisses,
Now sickens with the thought of it!

Where should these lessons learned,
Be kept to stay fresh in our minds?
Or should one desiring to dance with romance...
Just sit and observe?
And not rush to be partnered.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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