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Exhaustion 05
KB Kira Bloom (01-09-86 / D.C.)

Exhaustion 05

Exhaustion sweeps from my soul to my eyes
narrowing to ice in the narrow moonlight
For a moment the silence with in me weighs
Guess no matter how wild, you get tired of rattling an eternal cage
The world has seen my heart and aimably broken it
Forcing a mask of shadow, more secrets to be obtained,
In my mind's lost memories.
My soul ever remains unseen and unknown.
Desperate to be free.
Of all the things you think you know, you'll never expirience the fire in me.
Because I know no matter how much I give it will be betrayed,
twisted with petty lies.
Of all those inadiquate, who don't understand the true nature of night.
Or those who can't see with out their eyes.
Exhaustion deepens, as the silence ends
and my soul goes back to raddling for a non existant key.

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