Exhibited Respect

Exhibited respect,
Can be observed and seen...
To be done from those,
Who do not demand it given.
Sit they do with a listening first,
Before an opinion asked from them comes

It seems from their demeanor,
An experiencing impatience...
They once had themselves,
Made them more tolerant of others.
And their expectations to receive respect,
Is not set so high nor do they await for it done.

'You seem so cool and calm.'

~I've learned that a sitting back to chill,
Is more beneficial...
Than creating ill will.
And if others wish to heat up,
A pointless debate that escalates...
To not listen or comprehend,
Anything that is being said to them.
Why should I waste my time or breath?
Right now my eyes are on that exit sign.~

'But you can not leave,
Without participating to contribute...
To an argument that has been introduced.'

~I didn't come here to argue.
I came to listen to solutions to end conflicts.
I came here hoping resolutions would begin.
With them to do and prioritize quick.~

'Are you kidding?
I apologize. I didn't mean to laugh.
These people aren't prepared or aware of that.'

~That's why I leave respectfully.
In the hopes my doing will be noticed.
But not offend.~

'Are you kidding?
These people aren't prepared or aware of that.
These people pride themselves,
On their abilities to character assassinate.
With an enjoyment done to backstab.
That's the only thing here that will be accomplished.
You may 'try' to exit with exhibited respect.
To see what's done to come to you next.

Who knows?
Maybe your doing,
Will be a new strategy proposed.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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