They haven't learned to let things go.
Listen to their conversations,
Diced with bitterness and things
That happened to them many years ago!
Notice the wheezing and premature aging.
They speak of leaving,
Although nothing they do now is accountable!

The ones over there pointing?
They have no clue who they harass.
And could care less if you asked them.
They are the community victimizers.
Also 'leaders' picked who lack abilities.
They speak of unity,
When their children are arrested for crimes!
Of course they do not see themselves to blame.

And the last of the exhibits,
Are the new arrivals.
They are recruited from various places,
To enact as replacements!
You will observe their ambitious natures,
For at least six months...
Until they too begin to wonder,
'Who' inflicts and controls the madness!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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