Exile © 18/5/09

(Dedicated to Anthony)

The music we once shared,
no longer holds,
the same joy,
it once did for me,
The rythm is still the same,
The melody remains unchanged,
Yet this conundrum,
Has left me half deranged,

Meanwhile the solution stood,
Staring me in the face,
Two incompatible notes
placed side by side
on the same sheet
Waltzing from bar to bar
One of us was destined to fall
To take this final plunge

No resolution I can see
Now that there is
No more music for me
I will wash out to sea
This broken shell
Will produce the echo's
Of the Lifeless ocean floor

Will I be crushed
By the pressure
crouching inwards

Will the current set me free?
Spitting me out
Upon strange sands

This man is an Island
Plagued by civil war
Spitting bile and venom
At those who would deny
The solace of solitude
The shelter of the overcast clouds

If you read this
Will you know who you are?
Will you admit who you are?

My ink runs dry
My ink runs dry
Its run off into the sea

By Scott L. Daniels

by Scott Daniels

Comments (3)

an excellent poem scott, and a beautiful dedication. A DOUBLE TEN
this poem is GREAT! ! ..i feel sad rememberin da past but i let it go..diz poem reminds me pf da past but very nice =]
Oh, wow, I love this. Very nicely worded, and I could see the picture be presented. Very cool Thank you please feel free to read and comment on my works. Rabbit