What are you doing right now?

How do you get through the day?

Did you say a prayer?

I bet you're crawling, shivering
squirming, crying

I bet your mind is restless
Almost inflammable

This is a one of a kind

I'm feelin' so freakin' affectuous

You wish you could read my mind

I bet you wish

by Iniduo Iniduo

Comments (7)

I am in exile where my neighbors are Nice work. Thanks for sharing.10 points.
I am in exile in my own hands. -wonderful poem
Life! In exile in my own land. Thanks for sharing.
She has woven another masterpiece out of heartache, loneliness, gray gray times of the soul.
'' I am in exile in my own hands. '' Sono in esilio nelle mie stesse mani.
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