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Poem By David Mitchell

Nothing we know exists without our knowing
That it exists, although things may exist
Without anyone knowing they exist.
For all that we perceive via our senses
We know by intuition that ’tis true;
But what we by perception do not sense,
We cannot know for sure; we might believe,
But cannot strictly know. Some might maintain
That we cannot know anything, because
Our senses may deceive us; that seems true,
But instinct says ’tis false; does instinct lie?
I do not think it does; I trust my mind,
That never lied to me. Because I think,
I am;
Did I not think, should I then not exist?
When I am asleep, unconscious of my being,
Do I then not exist? I feel quite sure
That I shall still exist when I awake.
But maybe there is matter we know not
Within the universe, and we may never
Know that it is, if we ne’er come across it.

(Saturday,29th October,2005.)

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You have a very unique, quite classical style of writing, and it's used so well. I've read a couple of your poems and your inspiration and the way you write it is excellent, especially this one. I love poems with philosophical conversations :) Write more, x tallie