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Poem By Randy McClave

No man is ever alone
No man is cosigned to oblivion
Man will always be in the conscience
And in the thoughts of the day or in the sun,
No man has the reason to doubt
If he searches about and through his life
Some have children and many have friends
While some men have themselves a wife,
No man is truly by himself
Wherever he might go or where he might be
All he must do is sit down and close his eyes
Then he will have memories and company.

No man is ever forgotten
Nor is any man truly forsaken
But the man who sins and destroys the law of man
His destiny is true and not mistaken,
Man is the subject of his own fate
When eyes are placed just upon him
Though he might believe he will not be remembered
Or he believes that is life is, but grim,
Every deed that he has partaken upon
Every nail that has been placed in the wall
Because of him that work will be accomplished
And thanks to him it has stood and did not fall.

No man is ever ignored
As in time all men will be reminisced
Every man will be seen through someone else's eyes
Through the tears of others and the mind's mist,
Man will be known from his ideas and beliefs
He will be remembered where he had trod
He will be known by his deeds and also his acts
By man and country and even by GOD,
His footsteps they will be left behind
His presence in some searches he will declare
And he will be remembered and not forgotten
Then all will remember the man that had been there.

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