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Existence Part 1: Advice To A Murderer
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Existence Part 1: Advice To A Murderer

Poem By SarahJane Platt

Go into the city to hide from the crowds,
Escape from the silence; it's much much too loud.
Bury your soul in a graveyard of cares,
Try not to flinch from the hate in their stares,
You feel you could die and no-one would know,
'Caus you're just an outcast with no place to go.
It's right that you hate that small voice in your brain,
See, that's why you screwed up again and again.
You've ruined your future; what would Mummy say?
It's your mind which they'll judge when it's Judgement Day.
Don't wait till then, it's time to die now.
Do you think you'll be missed? You doubt it somehow.

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