Existing As I Do!

I exist as I do,
To observe the perfection of God.
The magnificent detail,
Each season brings.
The purpose of bees...
Birds and trees.
Snow and grass.
The fish and all the animals...
With separate yet connecting tasks.
And all that God has created.
I am not here to change or debate...
With an offered opinion.
God is good!
God is great!

The Master is fantastic.
And my wish is to please,
His will.

At one time,
I felt I should restrict my dreams.
It seemed my wishes I should limit.
Until I visited the treasures of God's many gifts.

I now have my dreams back.
And intact they are.
Existing as I do...
To observe the perfection of God.
And I am a part of it,
With an approved acceptance...
From the rain that falls from cloudy skies.
The awesomeness of thunder heard.
The lightening flashes before my eyes.
And I am here to witness,
All that God is.
Existing as I do!

God is good!
God is great!
And I could not awaken each day,
Without expressing my gratefulness.
This I will never be too selfish to admit.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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