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(25th March 1943 / )


I don't wish to have to think anymore,
I want to completely clear my mind,
So please close me down, that's for sure,
Switch me off, if you would be so inclined.

Let me have a clearance sale,
Everything in my head, must go,
Whatever the buyers want to nail,
Give it too them, I don't want to know.

My mind could be swept clean by a sudden gale,
Perhaps washed away in the river's flow,
Or my thoughts lashed flat by a shower of hail,
Then thrown high into an arched rainbow.

Let me in oblivion float,
Dulled and slowly lulled,
Until I couldn't care a groat, *
About my mind being finally annulled.

Dissolve, disband or abolish,
Any of those, I could prefer,
Or my mind just simply demolish,
So, to whom do I refer?

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Comments (7)

A very cleverly written piece Ernestine. I don't think I would raise much if I had a clearout sale of everything in my mind. Andrew x
An enchanting Hymn to Oblivion sung by an over-tired brain. I love the way your domestic image of a 'clearance sale' is swept by the panacea of Nature forces, Water (river, hail, float) in particular, coming to your rescue. A fine exit that recalls to my mind the Romantics. A favourite.
Having a clearout is a great idea until you really need that certain something that you've thrown away.Very thought provoking.Love Duncan
Hi Ernestine, I really liked this, it was a nice use of metaphor, the mind as a box, or a store of some kind, filled with useless memories, bits of old information etc, but sometimes, we cant throw these bits away...
I wish I could clear away some of the deadwood too. A good 'from the heart' look at modern angst. A really good poem.
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